PPC Solutions that Convert and Don’t Break the Bank

Is your website hunting new clients for you? Does it push traffic or simply wait for it? Are you ranking outside of your direct, local area? Wondering how to get actionable buyers and sellers quickly?
A fully managed pay-per-click campaign by Qualified Realtor is an easy solution to reach all of these goals!

Fully Managed Real Estate PPC
Campaigns that Convert

Qualified Realtor can provide optimized pay-per-click campaigns that are designed to not only drive traffic, but convert that traffic into satisfied clients. A fully optimized pay-per-click campaign can play a vital role when it comes to getting quick penetration from active homebuyers, and spreading a strong reach across your local real estate market.

Your pay-per-click campaign performance can make a significant difference in your local exposure and the ability to spread that exposure to more, qualified prospects.

Qualified Realtor offers a fully managed
pay-per-click solution that includes:

Keyword Research

Qualified Realtor will research and create the most profitable and efficient targeted PPC keyword list to ensure the best ROI. We will use performance-driven industry research to speak your clients language and promote the most action.

Ad Copy & Design

Ad copy plays a vital role in the attention your ad catches from its target audience. Users decide quickly, and you must grab their attention fast. Ad copy should use the best keywords while speaking directly to the desired audience. Qualified Realtor will create ad copy that works for you and your brand to capture new clients.

Pay-per-Click Optimization

Qualified Realtor will optimize every pay-per-click campaign that we manage. This requires a great deal of testing, but it ensures you get the best bidding price and the most relevant keywords.

Pay-Per-Click Remarketing

Have you ever thought about a purchase before deciding to act?

Your customers do, too! Our marketing technology allows our PPC customers to re-market their real estate business to website visitors and prior PPC leads they have generated. We do the follow up so you don’t have to!

Pay-Per-Click Reporting

Qualified Realtor offers built in reporting and analysis of your PPC campaigns performance. Transparency and tracking is key to every campaign. PPC tracking allows us to make adjustments to ensure the highest ROI.