Real Estate Website Design in 2021

Curious about what is so different about real estate website design in 2021? First off, not every realtor’s website is built equal… Your clients know it, and even more so, Google knows it! If your goal is to have homebuyers and sellers find your website, trust your website, and contact YOU from that website, then […]

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2021

What are the best real estate SEO practices in 2021? First off, let’s ask ourselves, “What is SEO?” SEO is a foundational strategy to internet marketing that holds a pivotal role in your digital marketing strategy just as much as it did in 2001. It is incredibly important to have realtor-focused SEO strategies in place […]

Social Media Marketing in 2021

Let’s take this WAY back in time… Well not too far back, but in terms of internet years it may as well be a century ago. Let’s take it back to the time when you could make an organic post on your business Facebook or Instagram page, get a cup of coffee, and watch it […]